Who Can You Really Trust…
For Ottawa Computer Service &
Managed IT Services, Consulting & Maintenance?

Are your computers and the rest of your IT infrastructure
Really serving you and the needs of your company as they should?

And whether or not they are How would you know?
How could you be sure?

Wouldn't it be great if you could actually TRUST your computer/IT services guy?

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Ottawa Computer Services delivers the best possible up-time and dependable computer use by giving you fast, consistent, and leading-edge computer service, maintenance and IT consulting, the most current and best-practices computer support, information, and exceptional value in each and every transaction you may have with us.

Important Message...

If you should happen to receive
an unsolicited, unexpected phone call from anyone claiming to represent Ottawa Computer Services, asking your for access to your computer, server, etc., please DO NOT give them access or any other information they may request… instead end the call.

This is a widespread phone campaign, designed to give someone – with malicious intentions – control of  your computer.

If you receive such a call,
please let us know.

If your Ottawa-area business or organization
Could benefit from on-going, professional
Computer/IT support or consulting…
Please read on…

Whether your company or organization includes just a stand-alone desktop, laptop, notebook, or netbook computer – or a network of them, a simple system, or a server environment – you'll find a broad range of IT computer services and solutions at Ottawa Computer Services (OCS).
Ottawa Computer Servcices covers just about every computer-related service, maintenance, or support situation you'll ever encounter… and more.

Ottawa Computer Services is your first-best choice in the Ottawa area if…
      Your small business could benefit from a formal plan to keep your IT
working at optimal levels

      You need a server environment designed, implemented and supported for
        your business

      You recognize the benefit of having a formal, professional Managed Service
        Program (MSP)
for your computers, server(s), printers, mobile devices, etc.
Your small business needs a formalized IT Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)
      Your small-to-medium business needs a professional Managed IT
Support Program… and ongoing maintenance support

      You need to move to a more complex network set-up with VPN, RADIUS and
        Remote Access

      You need a wired or wireless network for your business
      You're having Internet or Intranet problems and have to get back on-line – fast!
      You've been having general computer or IT-related issues
      You're having desktop or laptop issues
      You can't figure out why – all of a sudden – your computer is running so slowly
      You’re thinking about up-dating or up-grading your computer systems
      You just want to explore your Managed IT Services options…

Give us a call TODAY!  613.296.7777
At Ottawa Computer Services you'll find friendly, caring, professionally trained and certified IT consultants – ready to give you support and advice you can rely on and trust – the kind you simply can't get with most service providers.

Ensure your computers and IT systems are protected…
With Ottawa Computer Services you get the computer support
Or the managed computer / IT services program you need…
When you need it the most…

You'll want easy to understand information & perspectives, and responsive, responsible solutions to your computing challenges… throughout Greater-Ottawa… from Rockland in the east end to Kanata and Stittsville in the west.
And let's face it…
The data you've got stored on your computers or server
Is the most important aspect of your IT system – and your business…
But how can you protect that valuable data
From all the malicious people and 'stuff' out there these days?
At Ottawa Computer Services, we know how absolutely vital your stored computer data is to your business – and with some basic knowledge (and our help, of course) – you'll virtually never need to worry about it again.
So, by choosing Ottawa Computer Services and our peace-of-mind support… you'll have peace-of-mind knowing your your system – and the vital data and personal information you keep there – will always be safe and strictly confidential.
If you're business/organization is in the Greater-Ottawa area… and you're ready – really ready
For the professional Managed Computer & IT Services & Support you deserve…

Then call Ottawa Computer Services
TODAY! – 613.296.7777

Providing Managed Computer & IT Services for
Discriminating Owners & Managers


Professional ♦ Prompt ♦ Reliable ♦ Confidential Certified

Ottawa Computer Services Inc.

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Orleans, ON  K4A 0N6

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